Learn to pronounce my name and laugh at the same time

My favorite (only) joke that I can remember:
A priest, a rabbi, and a duck walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, what is this, some kind of joke?”

Malaga Smith
Malaga Smith


As the President of Communications Team, I work to help organizations succeed in their missions by combining strategy, creativity, heart and humor.

Somehow I wound up with a unique skillset made up of technology, design and communication, and experience in various industries including marketing, finance, transit, event production, retail and non-profit. This provides me with valuable insight and the ability to make unique creative and analytic contributions to business development and complex marketing projects. I have expertise in strategic planning, branding, promotion, sales, creative concept, art direction, graphic design/illustration, programming and writing. These diverse capabilities make it possible to communicate and co-create with many wonderful people.

An important part of business for me is the opportunity to work with not only my own long-time team and partners, but the people and teams of our clients. I love learning the culture and language of an organization and communicating with both creatives and techies to bring a project together. One of the most satisfying things about my job is creating the lines of communication and the translation that needs to happen to make all the pieces of a project come together.

I’m passionate about working to support people and organizations that help strengthen our communities. I look forward to hearing how your life will change the world for our children, and what I can do to help.