Learn to pronounce my name and laugh at the same time

My favorite (only) joke that I can remember:
A priest, a rabbi, and a duck walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, what is this, some kind of joke?”


These are contradictory, but true:

The Power of Emptiness

How to have no problems in your life

Malaga Smith
Malaga Smith


I love small business. One of the most important values to me is personal freedom. The freedom to believe what we want, to work at something that has meaning for us, to live and work in a way that is fulfilling based on our own criteria. 

For me this value translates into freedom to work with people we find affinity with, to travel the thrilling path if we choose, or the safe one; to experiment, to explore, to imagine.

You can find these freedoms as an employee if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and act as a free agent, and you can certainly enjoy them if you create your own business. As a business owner you have complete freedom. Freedom to chain yourself to your desk for 16 hours a day. Freedom to change course. Freedom to work on something that makes your heart sing. Freedom to fail. Freedom to try. Freedom to start over.

As a forty-year+ San Francisco Bay Area resident and twenty+-year Berkeley business owner, I work to help small business owners and managers succeed in their missions and work toward their visions by combining strategy, creativity, heart and humor.

A unique skill set which includes technology, design and writing, and experience in various industries including marketing, finance, retail and non-profit, affords me valuable insight and the ability to make strong creative and analytic contributions to business development and complex marketing projects. My expertise is in strategic planning, branding, promotion, sales, creative concept, art direction, graphic design/illustration, programming and writing. Yes. All of that.

Another very important part of being a business owner for me is the opportunity to work with not only my own long-time team and partners, but the people and teams of our clients. I love the challenge of learning the culture and language of a business and communicating with both creatives and techies to bring a project together. The ability to personally do much of the work that my business offers makes it easy to manage others at a very hands-on level. One of the most satisfying things about my job is creating the lines of communication and the translation that need to happen to make all the pieces of a project come together.

I also work to support organizations that help strengthen our communities by strengthening our youth, weakening inequities, and celebrating community achievements.